One of the oldest houses in Nakoma is the Bungalow style residence built for Dr. Raymond Huegel. For reasons that are not clear, examples of this style are very rare in Nakoma, there being only four others, even though Bungalow style houses are common in other parts of Madison. It is worth noting, however, that recent architectural survey work done in the Madison area has found that examples of the Bungalow style are equally rare in other comparable suburbs developed during the same period such as Shorewood Hills and Maple Bluff. Like Nakoma, both of these suburbs also feature large lots and the majority of their earliest houses were also examples of the Prairie style, which suggests that Bungalow style houses may not have been viewed as being really appropriate for these new suburbs. Possibly, the narrow fronts and deep side elevations that are typical of examples of this style were perceived as being better suited to the smaller, less wide lots that were found in many of Madison's existing neighborhoods and possibly too, the one-and-one-half story height of the typical Bungalow was seen as being unnecessarily restrictive.

Dr. Raymond Huegel, the first owner of this house, was a Madison dentist, and it is believed that this house was built as an investment property. A later owner was UW Prof. Harry Jerome, who bought it in 1919 and lived here until at least 1933.


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