The home of Cyril & Leora Marks and their four children is another fine example of the Prairie style. It is located just south of the somewhat smaller Lloyd Jones house, and it is fascinating to compare the two, which were built in the same year. The Marks house is similar in being rectangular in plan and in having stuccoed walls that are sheltered by the wide overhanging eaves of its gable roof. It is, however, more conventional in design, and its unknown designer did not make as bold a use of horizontal design elements as did the architect of the Lloyd Jones house.

One feature of the Marks house that is very typical of Prairie and Craftsman style houses of the time but which is unusual in Nakoma is the two-story porch wing that is attached to its north end. The first story is a conventional summer porch, but the second story is a sleeping porch intended for use in the summer months.

Cyril W. Marks was a successful young attorney when this house was built, and he was also the first president of the Nakoma Association. Marks sold his house to E. Ray Stevens in 1925. Stevens, an even more prominent attorney, was then a justice of the Wisconsin Supreme Court, a position he held until his death in 1933.


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