The Bruckner house may be one of the first tri-levels in Madison. To take full advantage of the steeply sloping lot, the two-car flat-roofed garage wing is set at an angle to the two-story main block of the house. The garage entrance is at street level in between the principal stories of the main block, a simple, hipped roofed cube with the main entrance and window groupings in asymmetrical, yet formal, balanced positions. If the plan of the Bruckner house is modern, the exterior surface treatment uses more traditional materials, but in a non-traditional way. The stone cladding on the house is modern, with a complicated layout of small and large rectangular stones rather than the rustic simple sandstone blocks of the Tudor Revival. The doorway features an abstracted stone surround with horizontal courses of projecting stones. The resulting design is a classically proportioned house devoid of historic detail.

In Nakoma, the design review powers of the Nakoma Homes Co. made the design of modern houses somewhat controversial. The architect in this case created a modern house that blended in well with the older period revival houses in the neighborhood. The architect of the Bruckner house, Paul Nystrom, would shortly be made a partner in the firm of Law, Law, and Potter. His client, Walter Bruckner, operated a massage and physical therapy clinic in Madison.



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