Like most residential architects of his time, Henry Dysland could design equally well in any of the Period Revival styles that were then fashionable.

The most commonly encountered of these styles, both in Madison and elsewhere, were the Colonial Revival and the Tudor Revival, examples of which account for the overwhelming majority of houses built in Nakoma before World War II. Two other Period Revival styles that were much less popular in Madison were the French Provincial Revival and the Mediterranean Revival styles, both of which are typically rather formal and symmetrical in design and are usually clad either in brick, stucco, or stone. In addition, Mediterranean Revival examples are frequently ornamented with wrought iron work and have tile roofs, while the best French Provincial examples have Mansard roofs or wall dormers that break the cornice line. Nakoma has no true examples of either style, but the Albert Dysland house combines elements of both the French and the Mediterranean Revivals into a successful and impressive whole.

Albert J. Dysland (1882-1935) was Henry Dysland’s older brother and was also his business partner, serving as the secretary-treasurer and manager of the Better Homes Co. He and his wife Clara lived in their Waban Hill house until his death in 1935.



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