Tudor Revival houses typically have a picturesque, asymmetrical appearance with gable roofs of different heights covering superimposed wings and bays. The Rennebohm house, however, is essentially a symmetrical design that relies on the use of a variety of materials to give it a Tudor Revival style appearance.

Most of the Rennebohm house is clad in beautifully textural irregular stone blocks. To either side of the front door are projecting wings sheltered by steeply pitched gable roofs. Although the upper story of the left hand wing is covered in clapboards, the one on the right is clad in stone and the dormers have decorative half-timber work. All three cladding materials are found on authentic Tudor houses. Their use here is very much in keeping with the Tudor Revival style.

Oscar Rennebohm (1889-1968) was the founder and president of Rennebohm Drugstores, Inc., Madison’s largest drugstore chain until the 1980s. The Rennebohms lived here until 1939, when they moved to a larger Neo-Classical pillared mansion in the Village of Maple Bluff. Rennebohm served as Lieutenant Governor of Wisconsin from 1945 to 1949, and as Governor from 1947 to 1951.



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