The Steeholm house is one of the earliest of the 115 Tudor Revival houses in Nakoma. As in the several Period Revival styles, designers of most Tudor Revival houses did not try to create accurate copies of the past. Instead, such houses exhibit some of the most characteristic elements of historic medieval buildings grafted onto a house designed to suit modern needs.

The Steeholm house is a fine example of the large, comfortable suburban houses built during the pre-war heyday of the Period Revival styles. Its irregular outline, steeply-pitched multi-gable roofs, and complex form are all characteristics shared by other Tudor Revival houses in Nakoma and elsewhere. Unlike most Tudor Revival examples, however, the Steeholm house is clad completely in stucco, not the usual mixture of stone and brick found on other Nakoma examples.

Hardy Steeholm was the president of the Wisconsin Magazine when this house was built for him, but surviving records make it uncertain whether or not he ever occupied it. In 1926, the house was sold to Jessie and Dr. William Storey, a dentist whose family occupied it until 1933. Then it was sold to Harriet and Edward Parker, president of E. W. Parker & Sons, Madison’s largest jewelry store. The Parkers lived there until around 1940.



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