Perhaps the finest and historically the most important of Nakoma’s Georgian Revival houses is the large stucco-clad house built for Paul E. Stark, the general manager and owner of the Paul E. Stark Real Estate Agency. The Stark house occupies a large double lot and is one of the earliest and largest examples of the Colonial Revival in Nakoma.

Colonial Revival style houses can be divided into two principal types: those that have symmetrical facades and those that are asymmetrical. The symmetrical house, based on the Georgian houses of Colonial New England, is a fairly formal type that usually features center doors, multiple pane double-hung windows, siding of wood clapboards or brick, and classical details. The asymmetrical type, often called a “Pennsylvania farmhouse,” looks less formal, with more modest classical details and stone or brick cladding often mixed with clapboards to resemble the old east coast farmhouses that had been added onto over time. Choosing one over the other was largely a matter of personal taste.

Stark was one of the most important figures in the history of Nakoma because his agency was the principal seller of lots in the suburb after 1920. Consequently, his impressive house can be seen both as an act of faith in the future of the plat and as a very superior advertisement for it.



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