Built in the same year as the Lloyd Jones house (site 3) but very different in size and design, the one-story Miner house can be described as a Prairie-style bungalow. Many of the typical features of the Prairie School can be seen here, such as partial stucco wall cladding, grouped windows, and wide overhanging eaves. Especially notable is the way in which the unknown designer emphasized the horizontal aspects of the overall design. The lower third of the house is covered in dark brown brick, giving the house a solid base. The upper walls are clad in stucco. The grouped windows, some enhanced by leaded glass, are surmounted by a heavy wood beltcourse that encircles the house just above the windows and doors, a device that further emphasizes the horizontality of the design.

Frederick Miner, Jr. was a real estate salesman when the house was built. Other Prairie-style houses built in Nakoma between 1915 and 1917 include the Marks house, 3865 Nakoma Rd. (site a); the Sullivan house, 1021 Seminole Hwy (site b); the Brown house, 1126 Waban Hill (site c); the McKillop house, 3873 Nakoma Rd. (site d); the Nelson house, 3910 Nakoma Rd. (site e); and the Mitchell house, 3817 Council Crest (site f).


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